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Our Program for Inspirational Leadership & Wisdom will support your next step in upgrading your leadership skills to a more advanced level. This advanced level is about leadership from the inside out. We call it wiser leadership for experienced leaders.

Our innovative program will challenge you to go beyond strategic leadership, as it integrates aspects of governance, entrepreneurship, communication, psychology, arts, spirituality, and Eastern and Western philosophy, enriched with senior leadership experience, and backed up by international research.

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In this in-depth and inspiring step-by-step program, Daniel Le Gras confronts executive leaders as mildly as wisely with themselves. I highly recommend these masterclasses to all leaders!

Em. Prof. Dr. W. Janse • Religion and Public Policy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Why We need Wiser Leaders

For senior and executive leaders wisdom is indispensable. That is the central point of our Program for Inspirational Leadership and Wisdom. What are my three premises regarding wisdom? 
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Breakthrough Thinking for Leaders

Innovative and creative thinking are paramount for leaders to solve the global and structural problems we face today. In my experience wisdom is the master key to breakthrough thinking. It profoundly changes our mindset. Read more


Introduction Leadership & Wisdom

This article introduces wisdom as an essential ingredient of advanced leadership. It is a stepping stone to our Program for Inspirational Leadership and Wisdom. What is wisdom, why is it important and how to spot wiser leadership behavior? Read more



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